Thursday, June 22, 2017


A makeshift cone.....


Tuesday, June 20, 2017


You know what we find annoying?


Quick picture--Roxy was trying to photobomb.
 Especially Noogoora  burrs.....aka California burrs.
(Thanks California.)
 They look like spikey olive pits.
And get horribly tangled in our fur.
These are from this past weekend:

You can see the ones that needed to be CUT out.
We don't like them.
Roxy update:
(Roxy is learning to get around on three legs, though walks are short.  She tires quickly.
She had the Vet's bandage off in no time, and a replacement, done the Vet's way. 
She  has now gone back to the original bandage with a baby's sock taped over it,
and the threat of the Cone of Shame.)

Monday, June 19, 2017

Sad Dog....

I'm not very happy.
 Look at my foot.
 Yesterday at the river I ripped my pad.
 It bled a lot!
Being Sunday, I had to wait until today
to see the Vet.
He just poked it, cleaned it and bandaged it again.
 He said I was a 'very good girl'.
I also got some tablets.
I hate tablets.

And some bandaging supplies.
I can't go for walks for a WEEK!
But the bandage looks a lot better than the
panty liner I wore around my foot going
to the Vet!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

A terrible....

...Horrible No Good Very Bad Week.

The week got off to a good start.
Monday was a public holiday which meant
an extra morning at the river.
And there were beef shin bones at the little store.
But on Tuesday, we went for a neighbourhood walk
late in the morning.
Firstly, after making all three dogs sit, hanging tightly onto
Roxy and Dui,  Bella attacked an ageing Jack Russell.
She didn't land a bite, but it was totally unexpected.

We  continued, where SHE met a former colleague,
Dui attacked him!  This time it was a definite attack....
no excuses like floaty pants, or suddenly appearing.
There was blood and torn trousers.
Friends have tried to say maybe he's protecting you.
But there is no excuse.
A muzzle has been ordered and he will have to wear it in public.

Wednesday, we went to the sportsground.
Just as the car door was opened a POLICE van
drove passed.  Dui was out, and chasing it up the road.
Luckily, it stopped when Dui was about 10 metres behind
and Dui stopped as well.
When it didn't move, Dui returned to us.
Looks like his running free will be limited now.

We arrived home to find the electricity off...stayed off
for about 4 hours.  When we got power again,
the mouse wouldn't work on the computer.
Changed batteries, still didn't work.

Thursday, raced out at 7 a.m. to buy a new mouse
(wireless), it didn't work.  Took the computer
to the technicians, who said it would be a few days before they could get to it.  Luckily, one technician looked at it straight away and said it was working charge.
Came home and it worked.  Now have two mice.

It's early Friday.... awoke to this....
So hopefully it will be a good end of week!
(We hear there are days like this in Timbuktu!)

Hope you have a fantastic weekend.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Friday, June 9, 2017

Something in the Grass...

I hear something......
 I pounce!
 Missed again!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Beyond Belief...

As you may be aware, SHE has been taking two children to their school in the mornings.
SHE says, we make the car a mess, so we're not allowed in
as much.
But yesterday, because SHE's learnt to cover every bit of the back seat, we went to the Police Paddock.
Apparently, way back in the mists of time, it was where the
police horses were kept.
It is a track that runs along the river and the sportsground.

 We can run around it free!
(Unless we're at the farm end where animals may be in the adjoining paddock.)
 We sometimes take the path towards the river when it is not snake season, but we can't get in the river.
 We run around the track, pounce at lizards in the grass and sniff everything.
 Then we go to the sportsground and race around like maniacs,
and chase birds.

BUT look, it is Wednesday, and the young bipeds are using the fields!  There was a touch footie (Rugby) competition with all the schools!  They usually use the fields on FRIDAY!

We went back today--Thursday--and would you BELIEVE--the netball courts and fields were being
 used again!